Why I Joined It Works

Why I Joined It Works!

This time last year I sat in a 10’x5′ excuse of a closet with four other people, spending most of my waking hours staring at a monitor and soaking in the rays of fluorescent lighting. I was 26, broke and mildly depressed with where my life was leading. I can still feel the choke of suffocation I felt going into work day in and day out.

This can’t be what life is all about.

It had only been three years since I entered the corporate workforce, but I had already worked my way through four positions in four different agencies. While I love what I do, I hated the monotony of working 8-hour days when I could complete my work in four. I hated asking for permission every time I wanted to go on a trip – which I do frequently. I got angry at the fact that I only saw 10% of the $150 hourly rate I was billed out for. I was left unmotivated, doing the bare minimum, and ultimately fired when I took too many unpaid vacation days.

Nothing about corporate America added up to me.

So last January, I put in my two-weeks notice and decided to start my own company. I had no clue what I was doing but learned along the way and stayed persistent. I served on the side to make ends meet and slowly brought in more clients. And let me tell you, I was happier in those months of struggling than every day of my corporate life combined! I knew I would never go back to working for anyone else again. But then something unexpected happened. While I was free to work from home, I wasn’t free from the demands of clients. The creep of bills and needing to pay my rent crept in, causing me to take on client with impossible demands. My serving job left me exhausted and long hours took away critical time I needed to commit to my clients. I was back to working 13-hour days and living on scraps just to get by!

Once again, I was in a position in life that I couldn’t sustain and I perked my head up looking for options. A girl my age sat at my table on day and we got to talking. I guess I looked rundown because she asked me if I was working another job. We got into a bit of a heart to heart and for the first time I heard about It Works. She said she’s been a distributor for a year and that her whole life changed.

“Yeah, yeah,” I thought, “another victim of a pyramid scheme.”

But something about her seemed genuine. Not to mention she left me one of the biggest tips – figuratively and monetarily – that I’ve ever received. I gave her Instagram a look and dabbled on the website. I was intrigued, but not convinced. Over the following months, I found myself following her It Works adventure on the gram. I’ll admit, half the reason was because I wanted to watch this pyramid scheme trainwreck like an episode of Jerry Springer. But I watched as she not only succeeded but soared! She rose in ranks, bought a new car, bought a new house, went on company cruises, went on a paid vacation trip to Europe…wtf.

“Okay,” I admitted, “there has to be something to this.”

So I began my research. I looked into the company, I researched the products, I followed other Wrapreneurs, I watched YouTube videos. I even read the entire Privacy Policy and Legal Documents! Slowly but surely, my doubt turned to hope, my hope turned into an idea and finally my hope turned into action.

Selling Body Wraps For a Living

A year after I left the corporate world, here I am. A fledgling entrepreneur taking her game to the next level. While I love what I do in my current business, I need stability, which is why I’ve taken the leap as a Wrapreneur. I’m not looking to make a lot of money, just some supplemental income on the side. I would love to pay off my car, my debt and fund a trip or two. I want to get rid of that nightmare of a client that calls me at 10am on a Sunday with a project they want complete by 5pm.

This is why I’m joining It Works and this it why I’m going to make it work in 2017.

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